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A Silly But Wholesome Football Film

The story of the Patriots’ comeback against the Falcons told by four grandmas.

A Feel Good Movie

A film revolving around the lives of four grandmas and Tom Brady would leave anyone expecting a happy, jovial family film, and for the most part, it was. Expectations aren't meant to be high for this film. You get what you are going in for. All ages can go to this film, from young to old, because either you will laugh and enjoy it or relate to it if you have similar grandparents or are one yourself.

Short and Simple

The story is very basic, and what you saw in the trailer is all there is to the film, with no hidden surprises or twists. Four grandmas are chasing their dream of going to an NFL game with their favorite player, Tom Brady. Whether they succeeded or not is the film's focus, though most of it was the humorous journey of the four. You are guaranteed to laugh or at least enjoy the movie for practically its entirety. The primary downside is that the mild humor needs to make up for the basicity and lack of other dimensions. It's hard to criticize the film as it was never meant to be a spectacle, just a silly movie made in a way the director had planned.

However, that plan wasn't sufficient to earn a high rating, regardless of how well it was done. The storyline was too simple and relatively short, lacking much-needed complexity. While this being said, the accuracy of the specific game they were depicting was impressive. The scores, the comeback of the Patriots, and so forth were all like watching the game all over again through the movie. Featuring actual players in the film, including Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, also added to the film's authenticity. The rest of the cast could have been more impressive, but it is worth mentioning Guy Fieri and Billy Porter, who just added to the pre-existing humor of the film.

Closing Critiques

Overall it was somewhat satisfying. This is one of those rare films whose rating will drastically vary due to it being a feel–good family film. Depending on who is watching it, such as a teenage boy, mother, grandpa, young child, etc., will make them feel more or less content with what was shown. This rating stems from judging relatively unbiased and purely based on the film as a film. If you love football, this may be a good movie to watch with the family. Otherwise, don't bother spending money watching it on the silver screen.

Raving Rating: 5.3

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