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An Extremely Rare Netflix Victory

Netflix's new German remake, All Quiet On The Western Front, is a war film masterclass.


Recently, Netflix has released numerous garbage movies after the other and received the appropriate backlash. However, its latest German film remake, All Quiet On The Western Front, is a massive step in the right direction. This movie is a must-watch war film with captivating cinematography, outstanding acting, and a refreshing raw storyline.

A WWI Story

The story takes place during WWI, and follows a young man, Paul, who is 17 years old. Paul excitedly joins the German army with his friends because he is motivated to make a difference and serve his country. However, he soon learns the true horrors of war and how cruel and miserable it really is. The rest of the film follows his journey from battle to battle, the friends he loses, the atrocities he sees, and the trauma he goes through. Since WWI was infamous for the use of trench warfare, the majority of the film is seen through the view of the soldiers stationed in the trenches. The storyline may seem straightforward and maybe even a little basic, but the way the director progresses the story keeps the viewers on edge.

Astonishing Acting

The entire cast, down to the most minor side character, gave spectacular performances, but it's the main character that completely steals the show. Felix Kammerer, who plays Paul, gives one of the most incredible, realistic performances in recent times. Aside from the range of emotion, he displays, the raw feeling he is able to permeate transports the viewers straight into the film with him. The supporting cast, which includes Daniel Bruhl, Albrecht Schuch, and Aaron Hilmer, also embodied their characters so deeply that at no point in the film did they seem separate from who they were playing. It is astounding how a movie with almost no famous stars and numerous actor debuts has produced an acting masterclass.

Captivating Cinematography

The film contains some exceptional acting and a solid storyline, but how the director captures each second of every scene of the film makes it phenomenal. Every shadow, every landscape, every battle charge, and every bullet is captured in a way that gives it meaning. The audience is always paying attention to anything and everything, wondering what will happen next. However, many directors can capture their movie scenes vividly for the viewers. It's the balance between beauty and reality that is the hardest to accomplish, and that's precisely what the director, Edward Berger, has pulled off. Every battle is epic yet realistic, and every scene dramatic yet relatable. And this balance gives an unreal, refreshing experience to viewers that 99% of movies cannot provide.

Closing Critiques

Nowadays, mainstream movies are becoming more and more mediocre while foreign films and movies from less well-known industries are improving and surprising viewers time after time. No one expected this from a Netflix film, let alone a foreign remake. However, after this movie has raised the bar, many foreign films will begin competing against mainstream media. Overall, despite being a remake, All Quiet On The Western Front is one of the best war films in modern times.

Raving Rating: 8.1

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