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A True Tom Hanks Masterclass

A Man Called Otto is a passionate, family-oriented comedy movie starring Tom Hanks.


A Man Called Otto is a passionate, family-oriented comedy movie starring the one and only Tom Hanks. The film revolves around an old man, Otto, who has recently become a widow and is extremely grumpy toward his neighbors and friends. Full of powerful performances, emotion-evoking soundtracks, and hilarity, this film is a good start for 2023 cinema.


The story is based on a book written by a Swedish writer, initially titled "A Man Called Ove." The book was then turned into a movie in 2015 with the same title, and now this film is the Americanized remake of the 2015 movie. The overall plot is solid and keeps the film interesting throughout. The humor is terrific and highly vital to the movie as it balances out with the sad scenes. However, it's the soundtrack that dazzles and transforms every stage into a powerful, passionate display of emotion. While most generally become disasters, the director clearly had a vision of translating the story across cultures to suit American audiences, and he nailed it.


The entire cast does a great job playing their roles, especially Mariana Treviño and her hilarious yet powerful performance as Otto’s new neighbor. But it’s Tom Hanks who steals the entire show as expected, with a phenomenal portrayal of Otto. His role is essentially the classic grumpy old man, but the way Hanks brings Otto to life gives it far more complexity. His subtle humor, instinctual gestures, stern expressions, and everything in between create a very entertaining yet accurate character. Hanks is among the greatest actors in history, so it isn’t surprising that he manages to put on another fantastic show. The cinematography is good, especially the lighting/setting and mood the director creates around Otto’s house/street.

Closing Critiques

The overall experience of the film is like a roller coaster; there are several emotional scenes followed by humorous/feel-good moments. And throughout all the ups and downs, the movie remains entertaining, even if the ending is a little predictable. There are certainly several things that could have been improved as far as the backstories go and some character development issues. Still, as a whole, it’s a great film and deserves watching.

Raving Review: 7.2

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