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A Film So Stupid That It Becomes Funny

Another star-studded failure, Amsterdam is one of the silliest, most random movies of the year.


Watching the new film Amsterdam trailer, you cannot help but notice the plethora of stars that show up. From Christian Bale to Robert De Niro to Taylor Swift, this film has enough celebrities to cover target audiences of all age ranges. However, unfortunately, it seems that was the only purpose of the star-studded cast, as they did not come together and form a film truly worth watching.

Parodic Plot

The story is about two friends, a doctor (Christian Bale) and a soldier (John David Washington) who meet a nurse (Margot Robbie) during a war. They become best friends in Amsterdam until they split up under dire circumstances. They reunite after years apart when two of them are framed for the murder of a woman. The rest of the film follows them as they attempt to clear their names, meet important people, and accidentally uncover a secret global takeover. While the plot seems relatively straightforward and serious, I assure you that the entire film is essentially a comedic historical parody.

Sprinkled Humor

The humor somewhat carried the entire movie. This film is a series of random cringe scenes with the worst dialogues and lines I have ever heard. The tiny bits of stupid comedy sprinkled throughout the film stopped me from walking out of the theater, and I actually caught myself chuckling several times throughout the film. If you watched the trailer, you'd have noticed that Chris Rock is in the movie. His small bits here and there in the film added the humor needed to cut through the chaotic mess that was the rest of the movie. But it was not only him. Almost every character said something or had a funny moment. I only wish there were more so that this film would become a comedy movie strictly and not a comedy/drama as they attempted.

Decent Acting

At the movie's beginning, the acting was horrendous and dull. Every line was literally monotone, but as the film progressed, we saw their emotions and more animation. Christian Bale, as always, nailed his character, showing off his versatility once again. The same goes for Robert De Niro and even Margot Robbie, who is slowly starting to impress with her versatile roles. John David Washington, however, might have given one of the dullest, bland performances I have ever seen. I don't know if his character was meant to be like that on purpose. If it was, he nailed it but showed practically zero emotion, talking monotone throughout the movie. Rami Malek and Anya Taylor-Joy really surprised me with the unique energy they brought to the film. They both played their characters perfectly, especially Anya, who also was quite comedic. At the end of the day, most of the cast did their jobs; it's the writers and the directors who need to be fired for creating this joke of a movie.

Closing Critiques

While this movie might have been one of the most senseless, random, silliest movies of the year, it becomes pretty funny at times. This isn’t a film meant for serious movie buffs. But if you are a casual movie watcher and incredibly bored this weekend, it may be fun to watch and laugh at this ridiculous film.

Raving Rating: 6.1

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