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The Pioneers Of Next-Gen CGI And Visuals

Avatar, directed by James Cameron is a 2009 sci-fi film that currently has the biggest box office ever.


Avatar, directed by James Cameron (known for blockbusters like Titanic and Terminator), is a 2009 sci-fi film that currently holds the record for the biggest box office ever. The story revolves around an ex-military man named Jake Sully, who has lost the ability to walk from war. Jake takes his dead brother’s place in an operation where he will go into a dreamlike state and control an avatar to infiltrate a new world with abundant resources.

Well-Written But Cliche

The story’s pacing and structure are on point, and the long 160 min runtime gives the audience enough time to bond with the main characters. However, at the same time, the characters do not have anything extraordinary about them. They are well written, but at the end of the day, no phenomenal character arc sticks to the mind. The characters get the job done, nothing more, nothing less. The plot at the time of release was relatively unique but looking back at the film now, it may feel a bit cliché, as there are now a plethora of movies with similar visions.

Mind-Blowing Technology

The real reason why Avatar is considered an important film in history and loved by many is for pioneering the next-gen CGI of cinema. It was one of the first mainstream movies to be made with 3D technology, and it’s safe to say that a lot of the better CGI we see in movies is inspired by Cameron’s work. Over a decade has passed, and Avatar’s CGI is still one of the best, if not better, than some of the newly released blockbusters. Since Cameron is always doing something to move forward the CGI technology of the cinema, we should expect something phenomenal from the sequel of Avatar as well, at least in terms of visual quality.

Closing Critiques

Avatar is a fantastic film that sets a bar for incredible movie experiences that still have not been reached in over a decade. While it may suffer from a few of the usual cons that all mainstream films face, the structure of the story and film is solid, coupling with the visuals and CGI to provide a mind-blowing experience. It's a must-watch film, especially considering that the highly awaited sequel is coming out very soon and is looking to blow the box office open.

Raving Rating: 7.7

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