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Barbarian Takes Bad Rentals To The Next Level

20th Century Studios' new movie Barbarian is the first quality horror film in some time.

Screams and Scares

Stay away from the basement. Stop yourself from talking to strangers. Don't go near secret, dark underground hallways. Bad things are hard to avoid when someone breaks these basic safety rules of horror movies. But horror lovers will love Zach Cregger's "Barbarian" as the darkly humorous, creepy, chilling thrill roller coaster it is.


"Barbarian" (2022) is the story of a young lady Tess (played by Georgina Campbell), who books a rental home in a broken-down neighborhood in Detroit for her job interview. However, after arriving late on a dark rainy night, she discovers that a man named Keith (played by Bill Skarsgård) was already in the house as it was double booked. Tess decides to stay in the evening. She gets locked in the basement in the morning and soon realizes something is incorrect. She finds much more to feel frightened of, not just an unanticipated house guest. Tess sees things indicating that a lot is happening in the house. Keith joins Tess but can't do much about the problem. In the meantime, Hollywood sleazy actor AJ (Justin Long), who has just been accused of rape and owns this house, arrives there with the hopes of selling this house. But the enigma of what's happening down in the basement continues to get darker and deeper because what lurks in the basement of this house is a step past horrifying.

Fantastic Acting

Skarsgard and Campbell have shown outstanding work, especially in the first half. Skarsgard is more mobile, making himself appear as suspicious as possible and roaming about in the house like a fool. Still, Campbell's acting is extraordinary and much more finely-tuned, upholding an excellent balance between showing herself enough of a personality that everyone knows she is and not performing as a deep psychological actress. The latter would take the entire film's limelight around her. This movie is nothing you could expect but a genuinely unique chain of scary events, mainly from the absolute fear of the unknown. Several complicated things are occurring, from the film's basement door that automatically shuts down at inconvenient times to gory fatalities. The horror turns into the distressing reality that at times we must trust the most terrifying person in the world as our savior. Employing confusion, creepiness, and skin-crawling pacing, the film leaves watchers anxious and panicked.

Closing Critiques

While this movie is a horror lover’s dream, there are definitely some flaws. For one, the character seems to apply little to no logic which is sure to keep the audience screaming at the screen. But aside from some impractical elements and a mediocre ending, the movie definitely satisfies worth viewing.

Raving Rating: 7.2

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