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Netflix Has Just Blown A Hundred Million Dollars

Netflix's new film Day Shift is an utter disappointment given its star studded cast and ludicrous budget.

The Day Shift

Way to go, Netflix! Another subpar movie produced with a world-renowned cast and a ridiculous 100 million dollar budget. Day Shift was far from my expectations, regardless of its trending number one on Netflix or its somewhat decent rating on IMDb. Starring Jamie Foxx as a "vampire hunter," the movie went exactly how it sounds: Foxx hunted vampires for 2 hours with occasional cringe interactions with his co-stars.

Painful Production

Seeing as Day Shift's budget was a hefty $100 million, I was left wondering where all that money went, as it clearly wasn't reflected in the film. When watching this film, I could experience the mediocre yet expensive CGI that Netflix is well-known for. Take that and combine it with a few sloppily choreographed stunts, incredibly cringe-worthy lines, and bits of unnecessary emotion, and you get the Day Shift. While the movie isn't entirely terrible, it is rarely audience engaging and will lead to a tough time sitting through it.

Peculiar Plot

The movie starts with a hectic and confusing intro, not in a good way, and as the film progresses, we see that same randomness continue to grow up until the end. Now I will say that a plethora of casual remarks/dialogues spark some form of humor to lighten your mood as you watch this otherwise disaster of a film. However, many frustrating and bland scenes were completely countering those rare humorous bits. Honestly, 85% of the scenes could and should have been avoided and entirely redone by Netflix, especially for the budget and casting they had at hand.

Appalling Acting

Out of the entire cast, the 11-year-old Zion Broadnax was the best actor, and that should tell you everything you need to know about this film. If you look deeper into the casting, you may wonder why Snoop Dog is in the movie. After watching the film, you'll continue to have that same question. He meant to be a comedic character, but the lack of any visible expression on his face was disappointing. And let's not start with the main villain, a vampire played by Karla Souza. She and her vampire assistant's random and spontaneous "hisses" made me cringe beyond belief. Many supporting characters, such as Peter Stormare, Meagan Good, and even Dave Franco, were in the movie but served no significant purpose. Clearly a lot of money on the casting, but what was the point if it wasn't put to good use?

Closing Critiques

By now, you can tell how far below expectations this film was, and if you truly decide to watch this movie after reading this review, then you are probably doing so for the memes. I watched this with my buddy, and we had a great time, mainly because we made fun of the movie for 2 hours straight. If you, too, are looking to watch for the same purpose, then, by all means, this is one to go for! But if you are looking for an excellent film worth your time, this is the last one you should watch.

Raving Rating: 5.3

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