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A Ridiculously Stupid Horror Flick

Fear, starring T.I, is already one of the worst movies of the year.

A Period of Bad Films

It is known among film buffs and many general moviegoers that January and February are the months when most bad films are released. This is due to many reasons, such as everyone going back to school and work during this time, but all that aside, "Fear (2023)" lived up to that claim. As an under-the-radar horror film with a not-so-exciting plot, Fear delivered the low expectations it had. The film depicted the times of covid, the amount of Fear and lack of trust everyone had in one another during that time, and a little twist that brought out the horror film aspect. How a regular friends’ trip to the middle of nowhere could go wrong is what you, as the audience, will be watching.

Stupid Storyline

Stupidity is not horror. To briefly summarize what happens in this film, a couple is going on a trip to a lodge in the middle of some random forest to which they invite their closest friends. They chose to do this knowing the lodge was haunted, and as expected, they started seeing the suspicious activity around the lodge. As they all decide it is time to leave, the news reports the spread of Covid in an excessively scary manner, leading them all into an unnecessary state of panic and loss of trust among the group who may be "infected." Incompetent humans. Anyways, each of these individuals has their biggest fears that they had decided would be a good idea to reveal around a campfire earlier in the movie. Apparently, there are some dark witches that feed off of souls, and they take the souls by erupting Fear within individuals. The way to survive is to not fear what you fear; when you do that, the souls cannot be taken. In the end, one individual, the soon-to-be bride, was the only one who survived. Yes, I feel stupid just describing the storyline.

Closing Critiques

Though this review is super short, the point was made, and the rating says it all. This movie wasn't satisfying to watch, and there was no thrill at any point in the film's so-called "jump scares" and "horror aspects." Don't watch this film; there are many other options coming up or even in theaters right now that are a much better way to spend two hours of your time. If you are genuinely looking to see a horror movie specifically, then unfortunately, this is one of the only options in theaters right now, and in that case, go for it if you absolutely must.

Raving Rating: 2.2

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