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Fight Club: A Cult Classic Sure To Blow Your Mind

Brad Pitt's splendid performance aside, Fight Club redefined the style of the modern movie era.


This film needs no intro; most of you reading this most likely have already watched this film. Regardless, welcome to our very first classic review on Fight Club. Many may not be aware that this film was based on the original novel Fight Club of 1996. Directed by David Fincher, this remains one of the highest-rated films of all time, and for a good reason. A film starring an individual chasing solutions for his chronic insomnia turns into much more.

Unique Plot

We see the main character, played by Edward Norton, living his insomnia-fighting life and randomly meeting an individual on a plane who becomes his "best friend." This "best friend," played by Brad Pitt, is relevant in all aspects of The Narrator's life, from giving him a place to live, teaching him many lessons, and molding him into a completely different person. As the film progresses, he realizes that his new friend may not be who he portrays himself to be, leading to twists and turns throughout the latter end of the movie.

Career Defining Acting

The high point in this movie is how well the actors portray their respective characters, especially Brad Pitt. Creating a character that remains popular throughout generations is a near impossible task, yet that's what Pitt delivers. And whether it's his long-winded dialogues about society's shortcomings, fan-favorite quotes, or his character's ridiculous tendencies, it's safe to say that this is Brad Pitt's best performance in any film he has acted in. But while Pitt's performance takes the show, Norton manages to keep up with his fantastic performance of a lost and split insomniac. It would also be a disservice not to mention Helena Bonham Carter's contribution to this movie as the crazy side character/heroine she plays. It's safe to say that this star-studded cast really pulled their weight and created the masterpiece that is Fight Club.

Closing Critiques

While Fight Club is arguably one of the most influential films of the modern era, the film's one potential weakness is its greatest strength: it's so different. To anyone watching it for the first time, it is unlike any film they have ever watched, and to some people, that can be a good thing. But to others who prefer more traditional-styled movies, it might be too out there for them to appreciate. Regardless, Fight Club is a generation-defining movie and an absolute must-watch for anyone looking to have their mind blown.

Raving Rating: 8.9

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