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If Myers Returns, It'll Be To Murder The Director

Halloween Ends somehow manages to disappoint further past the already rock-bottom expectations.


The Halloween films have created one of the most iconic and longest-running horror franchises, but it all seems to be coming to an end with the latest installment, Halloween Ends, being released. After the most recent Halloween movies, expectations were at an all-time low for the potential franchise finale. However, this film has somehow managed to disappoint further past the already rock-bottom expectations it had.

Ridiculous Storyline

For some reason, the film’s entire plot revolves heavily around some random new character introduced to the audience only in this movie. Through an unfortunate incident, this young man, Corey, becomes hated by the entire town. One situation leads to the next; the next thing you know, he runs into Michael Myers, who transforms Corey into a killing machine. Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous. The film then shifts to Corey and Allyson, who are in love and want to run away after knowing each other for a day. Laurie, Allyson’s grandmother, doesn’t wish for Allyson to be with Corey, and eventually, Laurie and Michael get into a showdown. The film’s storyline progresses so randomly, with new characters rapidly introduced and killed off, that it leaves confusion about what exactly is happening. There is simply no real underlying connection throughout the movie.

Pros & Cons

It’s hard to really think of any positives apart from Rohan Campbell (Corey), who did a decent job playing his role. The rest of the movie, however, is a complete disaster. For starters, Michael is given at most 15-20 minutes of screen time. He is so uninvolved for the majority of the film, which is absurd considering he is the center of the entire franchise. Laurie is also relatively hands-off and dull throughout the film. There are several side characters who get little to no character development. The most active characters in the film were the younger ones which begs the question: Are they handing the torch to the next generation? The film heavily revolves around Allyson and Corey, which might be the franchise’s way of making them the new main characters. This way, they can easily reboot the Halloween franchise in a couple of years, using this new generation as their focus.

What's Next?

What's Next? Hopefully nothing. The best-case scenario is that the director and the producers come to an agreement to finally lay the Halloween franchise to rest. These past few films have tarnished the iconic series' legacy, and any further sequels will only lead to further humiliation. Unfortunately, I predict that they will reboot the series in a couple of years using either the new generation or completely new characters to make a quick few bucks. The past two installments have grossed well over 300 million dollars which is outrageous given the subpar quality of the films. Moviemakers now have realized that they do not have to release high-quality movies to make a profit; this is causing a shortage of outstanding films and an abundance of cheaply made cash grabs.

Closing Critiques

This movie was never going to be any good. It wasn’t even expected to be average. But never in my wildest imaginations did I think that it would be worse than the previous installment. Halloween Ends might be one of the most disappointing, dissatisfying films I’ve ever had to endure.

Raving Rating: 4.9

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