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Keep The Change You Filthy Animal

Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus and starring Macaulay Culkin, is an all-time Christmas classic.


Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus and starring Macaulay Culkin, is an all-time Christmas classic. The film follows a large family that, while rushing to the airport for their vacation, leaves one of their kids at home. By the time they realize they forgot their child, Kevin, it's too late to go back as all the flights are full. It's up to Kevin to hold down the fort and protect his massive house from intruders until his family returns.

A Typical Christmas Film

Home Alone, while a great Christmas movie, has a few flaws, the primary one being the abundance of plot holes. However, since films like these are made solely to watch during the holiday season, most people can overlook the flaws simply in favor of having a good time. The film has become so iconic due to the humor present throughout, mainly from the two hilarious burglars, Harry and Marv (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, respectively), who attempt to break into Kevin's house. Kevin defends his Home with various traps, toys, and gadgets as hilarity and chaos ensue as the eight-year-old puts the two intruders through the wringer. The chemistry Harry and Marv have together on the screen is exceptional and drives the majority of the story forward.

Music & Cinematography

A signature of Chris Columbus movies is that soft, glowy filter that sets the film's tone. This allows the director to set the movie's mood from the beginning and lets viewers know the kind of film it will be to prevent disappointment. The cinematography is decent, aside from some sloppy camerawork at times. The music doesn't play a significant part in the film except for a few emotional Christmas-related scenes that may only land if watched during the holidays. Because Home Alone is a 1990 film, it's more plot/comedy/dialogue driven than relying heavily on VFX/music, which may make it hard for younger generations to enjoy it.

Closing Critiques

Though it contains a couple of plot/cinematography flaws, Home Alone is a certified Christmas classic that has to be watched during the holiday season. The comedy generated by Pesci and Stern is sure to leave kids and adults creasing. Adding to the humor is a breakout performance by Culkin that propelled him into becoming one of the most successful child actors ever. For those who haven't watched Home Alone, it's a must-watch this Christmas.

Raving Rating: 7.1

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