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A Vertigo Inducing Mind Boggling Movie

Infinity Pool, starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård, is a confusing, semi-entertaining film.


Mia Goth has been on a tear, starring in several recent horror/thriller films, including X and Pearl, while Alexander Skarsgård is coming fresh off of a spectacular performance in the Northman. Why they decided to do this film is genuinely baffling as half of the movie is somewhat interesting, while the other half is something out of a drunken nightmare. Infinity Pool, directed by Brandon Cronenberg, is a semi-entertaining, extremely random horror flick.


The story revolves around James Foster (played by Skarsgård), a struggling writer. He and his wife, Em Foster (played by Cleopatra Coleman), vacation on an island resort in search of new inspiration for James’s next book. They meet new friends who invite them on a picnic; however, on the way back, James has an accident that leaves him in contempt of the government. The rest of the movie descends into pure pandemonium as the director introduces unique but ridiculous plot points. The soundtrack is quite solid and maintains the eerie theme of the film throughout. The dialogues are decent, as there aren’t any noticeably weak lines. However, that’s probably because the viewers are too busy comprehending the nonsense happening in real-time.


The acting was arguably the best part of the entire film. Mia Goth gave a spectacular performance in Pearl and delivered once again. Yet Skarsgård actually carries most of the movie with his distraught portrayal of a troubled writer trying to cope with the unexplainable things happening around him. The supporting actors excel, and there aren’t any weak performances throughout the cast. The cinematography of the movie is a little shady. It’s clear that the director is trying to be unique, but it comes off as cheap, and the quality sometimes seems low-budget. The lighting and effects are good but overpowering in certain scenes that become unbearable to watch.

Closing Critiques

The film is very, very different; whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to the audience to decide for themselves. While there are creative story points and powerful acting displays, the director’s vision may have been too far-fetched as the film’s latter half is a chaotic 60 minutes of vertigo. All in all, if you like mind-boggling, semi-nonsensical horror films, then it might be for you.

Raving Rating: 6.6

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