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Night at the Museum Becomes A Nightmare

The newest addition to the Night at the Museum series is an animated film directed by Matt Danner.


The newest addition to the Night at the Museum series, Kahmunrah Rises Again is directed by Matt Danner and stars Joshua Bassett. Before watching this film, it was shocking to see that the run-time was a mere 1 hr 17 min, one of the shortest films of the year. However, halfway through the film, it was clear that the sooner it ended, the better off the audience would be. Yes, that's right, this movie was horrendous, even after being considerate of the fact that this movie was most likely targeting children. Ray DeLaurentis and William Schifrin, this film's two screenplay writers, have written one of the worst scripts of the entire year. This movie's worst and most disappointing aspect is how it has not added any value to the iconic Night at the Museum franchise, as this is easily the worst movie of the series. The Night at the Museum films progressively got a little bit worse as the newer ones came out, but they were all consistently average movies, a claim that this train-wreck of a film cannot make.


The story starts with an animated Larry Daley, the original live-action film's protagonist. As fans of the original series will know, he is a night guard at a museum that comes alive at night time. He gets promoted and chooses his 18-year-old son to replace him as the new guard at the museum. His son forgets to lock the basement, and an Egyptian king named Kahmunrah escapes and attempts to conquer the world again. The plot is very straightforward and lacks any creativity, and the director expects the audience to follow the tomfoolery that arises throughout the picture mindlessly.

Pros & Cons

The only pro in the entire film is the somewhat decent soundtrack. Everything else about the movie is simply appalling. First off, the screenwriter needs to be fired for the horrendous lines delivered by each character. The dialogues spoken throughout the film create incredibly cringe, hard-to-watch scenes for the audience. The voice-acting fails to bring life to the animations and instead becomes annoying to listen to. The plot is highly predictable, removing all mystery and leaving the viewers disinterested. The character development is highly cliche, and several characters in the film shouldn't be there at all.

Closing Critiques

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again is a perfect example of an absolutely unnecessary animated remake of a classic. The original Night at the Museum movies were iconic and comedic, but this film is simply disrespectful to the entire franchise. If you happen to be stranded on a deserted island with no food and water and just a laptop playing this movie, you should burn it for fire.

Raving Rating: 2.4

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