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Magic Mike’s Pathetic Last Dance

Magic Mike’s Last Dance, starring Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek, is a chaotic mess of nonsense.


Magic Mike’s Last Dance, if it really is meant to be the last installment of the franchise, is a pathetic sendoff to the once-popular character. Filled with disconnected plot points, mediocre acting, and predictable scenes, portions of the film get painful to watch. While the movie has fantastic dancing and uplifting music, it isn’t enough to save the film from disaster.

Trash Storyline

The story follows Mike (played by Channing Tatum), who is bartending at an event when a rich woman, Maxandra (Salma Hayek), tells him to come to London with her for a surprise job. They both plan a big show full of strippers to showcase in a London theater. The rest of the story focuses on their obstacles and the romance between them. The basic plot is very predictable, with some unnecessary scenes scattered throughout. The dialogues are abysmal, but the soundtrack is pretty solid. As expected, the dancing is the main plus point and delivers on that front. However, a decent musical score and dance sequences never make up for trash scenes and nonsensical storylines.

Mediocre Acting

The acting is mediocre, as Salma does most of the heavy lifting, with Tatum contributing here and there. The rest of the cast, however, has no real important role in the film resulting in very shallow performances. The cinematography is good, as the choice of colors and effects during the dance/show sequences are vibrant and exciting. The directing, however, is relatively poor, as there are no unique scenes or ingenious use of camerawork for the audience to pick up on. It’s pretty disappointing that a director like Steven Soderbergh, who has directed a great film like Ocean’s 11, has made a movie that any ordinary director could make with little effort.

Closing Critiques

There is no reason for a moviegoer to waste 2 hours this weekend and watch this film. There’s simply nothing special about it. The plot is garbage, the acting is mediocre, and it has a lot of unnecessary sexual strip dance scenes. Obviously, anyone familiar with Magic Mike is expecting something of the sort. However, the placement of these scenes is abysmal and random and results in no flow or connection throughout the film. If you value time, don’t waste it on this film. Your time is better spent watching a movie like Avatar 2 or Babylon.

Raving Rating: 4.7

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