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Netflix Is Back At It Again: 50 Million Dollars Blown

Netflix has decided to continuing its streak of abysmal films with massive production budgets.

Don't Spend Your Me Time on "Me Time"

Basic Plot

The Netflix American buddy-comedy movie 'Me Time' (2022) starts with the story of a stay-at-home dad "Sonny" (Kevin Hart). He takes care of his children Ava (Amentil Sledge) and Dash (Che Tafari), while Maya (Sonny's wife, Regina Hall) enjoys a successful career as an architect. Sonny has become the person in charge of the kids' free time and household, as well as an active, mostly dominating volunteer at his children's school. But, of course, it doesn't stop him from being the regular American doofus male, as shown by his frequent blunders in the kitchen scenes.

Huck Dembo (Wahlberg) 's old friend invites Sonny to his extravagant birthday celebration. Sonny was not interested as he didn't want to hurt himself due to Huck's rough (often dangerous) lifestyle. Nonetheless, Maya convinced him to attend the party as she wanted to spend time with the children while staying at Connie's (Anna Maria Horsford) and Gils' (John Amos) house.

Cringe Comedy

In "Me Time," Hart teams up with Mark Wahlberg, who hasn't managed to build his comedic credibility just yet. Nonetheless, Wahlberg and Hart show decent chemistry. However, director John Hamburg decides to keep them apart for most of the movie's first half. By the time they start their hijinks, the combo of silly and sincerity has become incredibly thin. Both Hart and Wahlberg attempt to raise the level of the frenetic physical comedy and poop jokes, but they follow an abysmal script loaded with juvenile jokes and mix-and-match adult talks.

Both these actors have played similar roles in their previous films. Hart has played this role in his past movies, and Wahlberg is persistently inhabiting the similar humorous space he had in his old Ted films. But unfortunately, after having spent nearly 20 years in the industry, Kevin Hart still seems to be struggling with his comedic ability to make people laugh. You already know that in most of his jokes, he would largely target his co-actors and may also use his crude humor to strain the volume levels of your speakers. Overall, you can call "Me Time" a weird combo of indecent bro-down buddy comedy and a family sitcom.

Closing Critiques

After seeing its trailer, many people wished 'Me Time' was in theaters, not a Netflix movie. But, they changed their minds after actually watching the film on Netflix. The story is incredibly weak and all over the place. Even the party scenes are boring, and Writer-director John Hamburg seems out of ideas as the movie is full of juvenile jokes on bodily fluids and body parts in a pathetic way for easy laughs. As a Netflix movie? You may watch this film to kill 1 hour and 41 minutes, but spending your quality alone time doing something better might be wise.

Raving Rating: 4.5

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