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Passengers, Prisoners And Plane Crashes

Plane, starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter, is a watchable flight crash-themed action flick.


Plane, starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter, is a flight crash-themed action flick. The film follows Captain Brodie Torrance, whose airplane flies through a severe storm and crash lands on a dangerous island run by separatists and militias. From the solid cinematography to the decent storyline to the intense action sequences, Plane makes for a relatively entertaining watch.

Storyline & Soundtrack

The plot isn't anything special, just a standard action film script where the protagonist tries to save the day. However, even if the storyline was predictable, there were no glaring faults which, as far as films nowadays go, is pretty rare. While also not spectacular, the dialogues were decent enough to keep the movie flowing. However, the soundtrack was intense and melded well with the appropriate scenes. Regarding the movie's theme, it's quite clear what the director was going for, and he hit the target. It was never going to be some mind-boggling, spectacular film, just a simple, action-packed, entertaining picture.

Acting & Action

Gerard Butler (playing Captain Brodie Torrance) carries most of the acting through his solid performance as a troubled yet tough pilot. This style of the film doesn’t allow much range of emotion as the majority of scenes are adrenaline rushes. Yet Butler successfully showcases just the right amount and balances his character’s feelings well. As far as cinematography goes, everything is extremely fast-paced, as expected, and all the action sequences are very well taken. The flight-related scenes are solid and show that the director strived to make everything as realistic as possible while incorporating just enough excitement to keep audiences on edge.

Closing Critiques

In terms of entertainment value, the film provides a pretty good time, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a must-watch film, but it’s not a complete waste of time, either. There’s just nothing special about it, nothing worth rewatching over and over again. Nonetheless, the two hours may be worth it to any action lovers who have the weekend off.

Raving Rating: 6.8

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