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Predator's Finally Back And Better Than Ever

The latest installment of the Predator series, Prey, has brought the iconic franchise back to prominence.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I'm sure sci-fan fans worldwide are rejoicing at the latest rendition of Predator. The first two predator movies have been a staple for sci-fi movies in the past three decades, but the franchise fell off entirely this past decade. After watching the last two Predator movies (2010 and 2018), I'd completely lost hope for the Predator franchise. However, Prey blew me away with an excellent storyline and action sequences that kept me on edge. While Prey barely relates to the Predator movies of old, there is no need to have watched the previous Predator movies, this being a prequel.

Virtuoso Visuals

The cinematography and special effects were unmatched in this film. Dan Trachtenberg (director) was able to show off Predator's many weapons without it being overwhelming and did a great job doing so. The Predator in this film was much more primitive and ancient looking than how it has been displayed in the past, but it worked so well. This is the most detailed Predator I've seen yet. Looking back at the 1987 film, the Predator has evolved so much with the evolution of modern cinematography. Not only did the Predator look real, but the other animals as well. The cinematography of the lion and bear made them look so real, and I was amazed at the technology that produced such lifelike animations.

Prominent Acting

Amber Midthunder did a fantastic job as the lead for this film. She represented both Native Americans and women, and she did not disappoint. Midthunder played her role perfectly, constantly wanting to prove to herself and her tribe that she was worthy of being a hunter. This is different from many traditional sci-fi films, where the character is weak but somehow finds strength only when it matters most. Amber's character Maru consistently proved her worth throughout the movie. Although she couldn't defeat predators such as the lion and the bear, she ultimately passed the final test at the end. It was a fitting end to a great movie; I was impressed, and I'm sure most of the viewers were.

Closing Critiques

Being a big movie buff, I can confidently say this movie is very well done. While it would not be in my top movie list of all time nor leave a lasting impression on me, I did not find many flaws in it, and that within itself is worth something. The plot, the acting, and the cinematography were done very well. Since this is part of a franchise with a particular fanbase, I feel it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Like I said before, Prey is set apart from the previous Predator films. It is an epic action movie no matter what, and no prior knowledge is needed to watch this movie since it is a prequel. Whether or not you're an alien/predator fan, this movie is worth a watch. It is entertaining and thrilling and kept my attention through and through. I haven't seen much from Dan Trachtenberg, but he may have just brought back one of the best sci-fi franchises of all time.

Raving Rating: 7.5

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