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The Guy Who Gets The Villain's Postmates

Renfield, starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicholas Cage, makes for a fun movie watching experience.


Renfield, starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicholas Cage, is filled with decent comedy, excellent action sequences, and good soundtracks. The movie revolves around Dracula and his servant Renfield who tends to his needs.

Predictable Plot

Renfield, played by Nicholas Hoult, decides to break free from Dracula's (played by Nicholas Cage) control and live his own life freely. This quickly turns into chaos as Dracula begins to wreak havoc on his new life and the people he cares about. The plot is decent, but there is little complexity at all, and it also contains some holes. The biggest hole concerns Renfields backstory, which is mentioned briefly but never explored deeply, leaving several questions unanswered. The comedy isn't superb, but it's decent enough not to interfere with the overall watching experience and gives the film a lighter vibe. There's a lot of "violence," but it's not a serious type of violence. It's reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino-styled film in that excessive blood and guts are flying everywhere but in a more lighthearted manner.

Solid Acting

The acting is also quite strong, with Hoult and Cage carrying the entire film. Hoult is establishing himself as capable of performing in a lead role, with his performance in his most recent film, The Menu, also being a success. But it's Nicholas Cage that brings the X-factor in his comedic portrayal of Dracula. Cage doesn't act in many films nowadays, so seeing him grace the silver screen is always a pleasure. The action sequences are exceptionally well choreographed, which was very surprising. The soundtracks throughout the film are superb and perfectly match and amplify the appropriate scenes. The movie is in no regard a masterpiece, but the director did a decent job, managing not to screw anything up massively.

Closing Critiques

Now for the critical question: Is it worth watching? For anyone with spare time and looking to have a good time, it'll definitely be a fun experience. However, for any serious cinephiles, it's probably not worth wasting 90 minutes on.

Raving Rating: 6.2

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