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Scream 6: Ghostface Is Back For Blood

Scream 6, starring Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, is a decent installment to the slasher franchise.


Scream 6, starring Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, is the most recent installment to the iconic slasher franchise. The film follows four characters from the last scream film who have moved to New York to escape the past. However, they soon discover that the past has followed them again as their new lives descend into chaos.

Predictable Plot

The plot revolves again around the Carpenter sisters and their close friends and acquaintances. As expected, Ghostface returns to terrorize them and all the people around them. The overall storyline is similar to its prequel, with minor changes and added character complexities. Though there are some unexpected twists and turns, the plot, for the most part, remains standard and predictable. The soundtrack, however, is fantastic, melding perfectly with the appropriate scenes. The film's overall theme is quite similar to the previous Scream films, a modern slasher film with sprinkles of comedy and drama throughout.

Captivating Cinematography

The acting is carried heavily by a small number of the cast, especially Berrera, and Ortega. Ortega, one of the most popular actors in film at the moment, delivers a solid performance as expected. But it's Barrera who's the star of the show, picking up right where she left off in the last film. The other cast members do a decent job, but there aren't really any show-stealing performances. The cinematography, however, is sublime, keeping audiences on edge every time a Ghostface attack happens. As anyone who watched the trailer may know, a subway attack scene is in the film and is captured flawlessly. From the suspense to the lighting to the music, the directors showcase on full display a masterclass on creating thrilling scenes.

Closing Critiques

Now for the critical question: Is it worth watching? For any horror fanatics out there, most definitely. However, this film is thrilling enough even for casuals to enjoy. While it isn't a must-watch movie or some mind-bending masterpiece, it makes for a fun, exciting 120 min.

Raving Rating: 6.9

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