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Slumberland Will Put You To Sleep

Slumberland, starring Jason Momoa, may quite literally put you into a deep sleep.


Slumberland, directed by Francis Lawrence, stars Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley and is available to watch on Netflix. Because it's a film aimed at the younger audience, a certain level of silliness will be present. However, as the movie progresses, it becomes more illogical, random, and, worst of all, boring.


The story follows a girl named Nemo (played by Marlow Barkley) who lives in a lighthouse with her father. One day her father gets lost at sea, and she goes to live with her uncle. In this world, every time someone dreams, they wake up in Slumberland. In this magical land of dreams, one can have any wish they wish for if they find the hidden treasure. And so Nemo goes on an adventure with the help of outlaw Flip (played by Jason Momoa) to find the hidden treasure and wish to see her father again. The plot is pretty standard, but the execution is quite sloppy. There are various awkward scenes and long stretches where the film is so dull that it can put you into a slumber. While the majority of the film is quite drawn out and at times confusing, the ending is surprisingly solid.


Best known for his role as Aquaman, Jason Momoa did not deliver quite the same way in Slumberland. Throughout the film, he acts out his role in a permanently excited manner and often leaves the audience cringing due to many poor executions of facial expressions. To add to that were the many so-called sentimental and meant-to-be touching lines that were said throughout the film. Chris O’Dowd plays Nemo’s uncle and delivers one of the dullest monotone performances in recent times, although that may very well be the character that the director intended. Marlow Barkley does a decent job portraying the sad, confused little girl she plays; however, after a point, like the other characters, the performances become repetitive and boring.

Closing Critiques

Even though this movie was made for children, it may not keep their retention as it is not entertaining enough for kids to focus on. The film starts strong but slowly unravels into monotonous, illogical chaos. It’s evident that this is simply another film being pumped out to get content out and not with the viewers’ entertainment in mind. We recommend watching this film to anyone with insomnia because, chances are, it may leave you slumbering.

Raving Rating: 5.4

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