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Disney Is About To Lose Over $100 Million

Disney’s latest film, Strange World, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is on track to lose over 100 million dollars.


An Absolute flop! Disney’s latest film, Strange World, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is on track to lose over 100 million dollars at the box office. The adventure-themed storyline revolves around the Clade family, a family of explorers. Jaeger Clade is a well-known fearless adventurer and, along with his son Searcher, goes on an expedition. However, they have a fight and split up when his son realizes that exploring is not for him. Fast-forward 25 years, we are introduced to Searcher’s family and the life he has made for him harvesting Pando, a process that supplies power to all of Avalonia. The film slowly becomes more and more unbearable to watch, filled with forced humor, numerous societal messages, and very bland.

Pros But Mostly Cons

The film definitely provides something to watch for one and a half hours and that’s about where the pros end. The movie is full of forced humor and cringe jokes that are however occasionally funny. The cast is decent but that doesn’t matter because their voices do not change the personality or how the animated characters were designed; Jake Gyllenhaal being casted unfortunately adds no value to the film. The director rushes through the film's entire premise and focuses more on conveying numerous societal messages to the audience.

Disney is known for their animated films of princesses, talking creatures, heroes, and other children-oriented genres. However, recently, Disney has been changing their long-standing image with movies like this one. Overly loaded with political messages and forcing the film to show that they are inclusive of everyone leads to it being geared more towards older audiences. After looking at the numbers, the director did a great job of sinking about $180 million into this film and made a whopping $11 million back on its opening weekend, which was Thanksgiving weekend. Reports say that this horror will lose about $100 million in the theaters, and rumor has it that much of the audience isn't surprised.

Promoted Messages

The central message/theme throughout the film was about Mother Nature and how we live on this planet, which itself is a living thing, and we are only borrowing its resources. Another message was that a father shouldn’t force their dreams and passions on their children, letting them choose what they want to do for themselves. The last message was about being inclusive of people from all backgrounds, whether different races, genders, or animals, as we see their three-legged pet dog throughout the film. While all these messages are entirely valid and great, there is an appropriate time and place for everything. Parents who spend their hard-earned pay to take their children to a Disney movie expect their children to be entertained and have a good time, not absorb political/social statements. Though all the messages are great, they completely change the direction and intended audience of the film.

Closing Critiques

At the end of every film, it becomes evident what kind of audience the film is meant for and who would enjoy it the most compared to who should instead not go. This is one of those rare movies where you couldn't say which type of movie watcher would enjoy this because of how random and forced it turned out. A group of friends or people wanting to spend 2 hours of their time on a movie and have 0 expectations are more than welcome to watch this. Other than those specific individuals, this movie is just a no-go and should be avoided as there are several decent films in theaters now and many high-expectation ones in the near future. It's better to wait for a good movie than to watch a bad film just for the sake of passing time.

Raving Rating: 4.3

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