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The Apology: A Waste Of 90 Minutes

Here it goes, yet another psychological suspense thriller!


Here it goes, yet another psychological suspense thriller! This film follows the problems of a family and, within that family, the roles of two specific individuals who have done quite a bit in their past together that has led to immense turmoil. This being said, the film is a mere 90 minutes and doesn’t help the director carry this quite capable plot to the level it could have been taken to.


A relatively normal start to a movie takes a rapid turn of events when a particular character shows up. The film revolves around a broken family that ends up in a disturbed state due to many accidental circumstances and purposeful mistakes made by a specific individual named Jack. Immediately, the film's plot follows the revenge of a mother who has just experienced her daughter going missing. Upon this time of distress, her brother-in-law, Jack, shows up out of the blue. Now the problem with this plot is how predictable it was as a viewer, being able to tell exactly who did what to whom and how the film would end. The characters' personal life story in this film is so similar to reality. The director was treading on thin lines when attempting to accurately portray the emotions of one who may find themselves in situations such as a family member killing another family member. Someone who may have expected something remotely justifiable regarding the emotions being displayed would be utterly disappointed. The entire film was so forced and everything was done exactly and only how the director wanted it. It's clear there was no room for the actors to have a chance to express themselves in the true essence of their characters.


The main character of this film is Anna Gunn. Most famously known for her role as Skyler White in Breaking Bad, she isn’t otherwise a leading actress in any matter whatsoever. However, she played her part quite well in this movie and gave it her all in carrying forward this movie beyond the weak plot. Other than her role, the significance of the cast extends as far as one other individual creating a sort of two-character drama for the audience. However, Anna Gunn produced quite a stellar performance in portraying the broad spectrum of emotions, including grief, revenge, guilt, anger, and all other intricacies one would witness in a shattered family.

Closing Critiques

Most people wouldn't even know this film exists apart from reading reviews about it. Fortunately, that's good, as people can save themselves from wasting 90 minutes on a bizarre, subpar film. It doesn't have an impressive cast, it has too short of a run time, and the entire plot is based on two individuals. Don't watch this film if you even manage to find it in the first place.

Raving Rating: 4.1

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